Cristiano Ronaldo was an «unwanted child»: Today he helps the whole family and does not leave his mother

Cristiano Ronaldo, the «unwanted child», is now closer to his mother than ever. When he was admitted to hospital in Madeira, he dropped everything and threw himself into bed.
Any Cristiano Ronaldo fan knows how much the great footballer hates losing. The refusal to accept defeat is often accompanied by the persistence and maximum endurance of a football champion. An anecdote from his former teammate Richie De Laet tells us more about the Portuguese’s attitude.

This mentality seems to have helped the player, who has scored over 800 goals in his career. It also changed him from a very poor man to a very rich man. He is a source of great pride for his family and for his wife, who almost did not give birth to him.
Her husband Georgina Rodriguez is the youngest in the family and has two older sisters, Liliana Katia and Elma, and a brother, Hugo. All four are Catholic and grew up in the parish of Santo Antonio in Funchal.
They lived in one room and could only rely on their mother, Maria Dolores Dos Santos Aveiro, and their father, José Dinize Aveiro. Unfortunately, his father died of liver disease.

Dolores gave birth to three children and never thought she would have a fourth. Especially since the family was struggling to survive in difficult economic circumstances. But Cristiano was born.
In a 2014 documentary about her footballing son, Maria Dolores admitted she nearly had an abortion when she was pregnant with Cristiano.
“Unlike Cristiano, who is a devoted family man, his alcoholic father was not there for him. So much so that he cried throughout his childhood.
Unlike her late husband, who left them in 2005, Dolores has always trusted her son.

Like her son, Maria Dolores is one of Portugal’s biggest celebrities. She has been seen at some of Ronaldo’s games and is one of his biggest fans. However, she never attends her son’s big matches, as she fears his unstable condition will upset him.
However, local media managed to get information from the Ministry of Health. She told them that he had suffered an ischemic attack.
When Cristiano and Georgina lost their son and five children, they were supported and comforted by Dolores. A photo of Dolores in the arms of the football star, showing the love between mother and son, was published on June 27, 2022 and Cristiano accompanied the text.

This rare photo, which shows how close they are, has received over 8 million likes and over 60,000 comments. Fans commented, «A mother’s love is everything» or «A legendary family.»
They can only be close when they know Cristiano’s mum lives with him.

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