At the age of 7, she lifts a barbell weighing 80 kg. Rory is the strongest girl in the US

At any moment in different parts of the world, children unique in their abilities appear, articles are written about them, and the entire globe is following their fate.

One of these children is Canadian Rory van Ulf, who lives in Ottawa. She is only seven years old, but she has already lifted a barbell weighing 80 kg, which is almost three times her own weight.

Not every adult man, let alone a woman, can lift such a weight.

Her height is only 120 cm, and her weight is about 30 kg.

Since Rory cannot compete in her native Canada — she simply has no competitors, she participates in children’s championships in neighboring USA to improve her level. She has already become a champion in this country. However, she achieves success not among her peers, but among children from 11 to 13 years old, two categories. However, this can lead to her being ahead of older girls.

In everyday life, Rory already behaves like a real star: she has an Instagram blog with 228,000 subscribers. In most of the photographs, Van Ulf is depicted with a barbell in her hands.

She is also obsessed with tattoos. At the moment they are temporary, but in the future she wants to get real tattoos. The young athlete has her own manager and medical staff who take care of her health.

However, the main person for her is her father. The father’s name is Kavan, and he wants his daughter to become a worthy winner.

Cavan also insists that Rory’s safety is more important than winning or a medal. He claims that currently his daughter is the strongest girl in the world at her age.

In fact, he claims that she is stronger than any seven-year-old girl that has ever lived in the world. Rory is also good at gymnastics.

And all this thanks to her records. The Canadian, for example, can lift up to 32 kg in the snatch and up to 42 kg in the clean and jerk.

Rory offers even greater weights in the barbell squat (61 kg) and deadlift (up to 80 kg).

However, she says she prefers gymnastics. Because «no need to raise things above your head.»

Her father, of course, allows her to lift weights, but it is difficult to say whether classes can be harmful to the health of such a little girl.

She says that she likes to train every day and compete.

However, Rory does not have any ambitious sports plans. In particular, she has no plans to become an Olympic weightlifter.

The most important thing for Rory is to keep fit and think about every new weight she puts on.

Because if you look into her burning eyes when she is doing weightlifting, you can see that she is thinking about a big victory in the future. But just because a girl won as a child doesn’t mean she’ll win gold medals at the Olympics.

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