Actor Anthony Hopkins pays moving musical tribute to his deceased cat

Actor Anthony Hopkins recently lost his cat Niblo.

The four-legged cat died when he was 13, and his famous owner wanted to pay tribute to his memory on social media. Losing a pet, a member of the family, is a terrible ordeal that every owner dreads. This is exactly what Anthony Hopkins just experienced, writes Suggest.
The famous American-British actor has announced the sad news of the death of his cat Niblo. The two-time Oscar-winning movie star paid a heartfelt tribute to her cat lover on social media.
On Sunday September 25, he posted a touching video on his Twitter account, showing the animal sitting calmly in his arms with a beautiful waltz in the background.

“Our beloved Niblo, forever in our hearts. And the Waltz Goes On – 2009-2022,” the caption read.
Niblo seems to have enjoyed classical music throughout his life. He liked to sit on his boss’ lap when he played the piano. In the second video, shared on Instagram, we can see the duo in a moment of melodic tenderness.
The lyrics of these beautiful images are just as poetic.

“I woke up thinking of my father’s wise words: today is tomorrow, the tomorrow that worried me so much yesterday. Niblo understands, ”wrote the man born in Port Talbot, Wales.
The cat died at the age of 13, leaving a great void in the life of Anthony Hopkins, but also wonderful memories.

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